Friday, 26 March 2010

Microtrend: Ikat print

My favourite material are the Ikat prints from Indonesia. Ikat is a specific way to tie-dye material by binding and dyeing the thread before it is woven.
Everytime summer comes around I find something in this Ikat print to buy, it may be a scarf, or a top or a pillow. I can't resist this luxurious material, check out the V&A's article on Making Ikat Cloth it is quite amazing! Also, over on The Business of Fashion, there is a lengthy article on Indonesia's fashion industry which highlights the Ikat and similar Batik craftmanship in the country.

Dries Van Noten is a lover of this print, and this year I am coveting the "Floyd" tassle scarf at Browns focus. This costs £465, so I think I will need to find an alternative in the high street.
I also love this bowl from Anthropolgie with uses a very graphic version of the print for $14.00USD.

Pillow from the Moroccan decor shop, Sheherazade ($120USD) and a Dries street shot from Mr. Tommy Ton at Jak and Jil

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Alexandra said...

I love this print.

I often get a bit iffy around "ethnic" prints or items of clothing because they can make one look a little too "ceramics teacher", but the pieces you show here are perfect examples of a tradition made modern, relevant, and stylish.

Plus, I lose my mind over pretty much anything cobalt. Cobalt + white = visual heaven!

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