Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Boot clogs now in Velvet!

When I was at the Micam Shoe Fair, I went to the designer hall and snuck a peak at the Opening Ceremony stand to see what was new. I couldn't take any photos but I saw that they had updated my clog boots from a couple posts back, which I ended up receiving them as a Valeversary pressie! (Valentine's day and Anniversary). I was not instantly in love with them as I am not a velvet fan. When I think of velvet, I remember an awful crinkled burgundy babydoll dress that I bought from Le Chateau back in the day.
Still, I have been looking for a photo of this boot to contemplate further and this morning's Style file blog posted it. And, well, I actually love them. I don't need the updated version but I will take a more serious view on velvet come Autumn.


Tiina said...

I remember that dress! I thought is was sooo cooool.

Tiina said...
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