Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Flat-Simply Cos

I love the way Cos showcased their clothing without models in their SS11 Magazine. It shows off the textures and quality of the clothing without knowing what the garments look like but still puts together a complete look. You can just feel the softness of the clothing from this image and it reminds me of a designers mood board for a new collection. Beautiful.

Gotta love the Queen-Today's Stylist cover

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Where do you keep your shoes?

I am catching up on my blogs after holiday and found this photo on emmas designblogg today. I would love to have space to display my shoes like this! My shoe collection is hideously thrown into our front closet and they all get crumpled and I forget what I have. I should at least put them in boxes and label them or something.

How do you store your shoes?

Friday, 1 April 2011

Rope and Stone-Holiday with Proenza Schouler

I know I am a bit all over the place with just posting a necklace for autumn and now I am posting a necklace for summer. What can I say, I think about autumn and summer at the same time, I guess it is part of working in fashion!

I am off to get some sun today and I wish I could go on holiday with this Proenza Schouler necklace. Too bad it is a little pricey as US$650! I will have to try and replicate this myself...

Well, I'm off to the airport now, see you next week!

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