Thursday, 29 September 2011

Cos are online! but.....

Only a week ago did I wish that I could buy Cos online , then poof! today they announce the opening of their online shop. It has a good clear photos and beautiful clean lay out, which I would expect nothing less from them. The only problem is... the do not ship to Canada. Tear.  At least now, I will be able to see what they have on offer and I will wait patiently for them to expand to North America.


Liberty is my favourite shop in London by far, and one of the oldest. Opened in 1875, the design and contents of this striking Tudor building is luxurious and homey and crafty all at the same time. The shoe floor is one of my favourite, it is plush and cool making every shoe feel special. Their carefully selected designer bags and jewelry and sunglasses on the first floor are to die for, I usually dream of every piece long after I leave the building. I rarely buy anything here but am always inspired and excited after I leave.

Sunday, 25 September 2011


Two hours on the Eurostar gets you to Paris for the weekend or just for the day for lunch with friends, love it.
I love being so close to some really amazing cities in Europe. Now my travels will take me across North America to discover some other great cities. New York here I come!

Thursday, 1 September 2011


Okay, okay, Cos is Swedish but it is something I will not be able to get in Canada. Hopefully one day they will open a shop in Canada or do something about their website and open online!

I am no longer working which means I am not able to spend a single penny on myself unless it is absolutely essential. I would argue that a new winter coat from COS is essential but my boyfriend would disagree. So, the stupidest thing I could have done today was walk into COS just to take a look. I, of course, wanted everything. I started to sweat and had to leave before my card accidentally paid for a new cotton dress or a pair of leather mittens (so cute!).

I walked out only with the Fall issue of their magazine for some eye candy and it did not disappoint. I love the colours they have chosen this year, marl greys, soft neutrals, deep jewel tones which are accented with a bright orange.
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