Monday, 30 August 2010

The best wedge on the London high street

I think this wedge is the best shoe on the high street at the moment. This contemporary wedge looks very high end and expensive. At £165 this All Saints wedge is a bargain when comparing to say the Acne wedge below for £405.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

I just can't wait!

A Surplus of Scarves

I used to buy at least 2 scarves every time I went thrift shopping, and I went a lot. I now have 2 large boxes full of silk scarves and I don't wear any of them!
I have started knotting, braiding and combining them together to make scarf necklaces which I do wear, and it is easy!

Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Never has the Selfridges window display caught my eye like today. Daring to showcase only one special piece, Selfridges manages to hypnotise you as you walk past with these minimalist bare wood and light environments with simple messages of impluse. I must go at night to take some less reflective photos...

Friday, 20 August 2010


The name of this shop in Sweden is a mouthful, I am still not sure how you are meant to say it. This brand is by the same people that founded the denim line Cheap Monday. Weekday, to make it simpler, have the same cool, tough but breezy Swedish flare. And, it's cheap. I bought a printed t-shirt for approx £16 converted from SEK.

They also have a fantastic freezine where I learned that designer Ann-Sofie Back just moved back to her hometown of Stockholm from London and has been placed as head design for Cheap Monday starting this season as well as still working on her own line. Looking forward to it!
The zine also has features on up and coming artists and musicians and other designers.

My perfect shades for Fall

I have been doing some traveling this month, Montreal, Helsinki and Stockholm so have not been in touch. To start off with, three new fabulous shades of fall from Chanel are being launched in New York in two weeks. Wish I was there to grab all three, they would finish off every single look for fall.
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