Thursday, 1 September 2011


Okay, okay, Cos is Swedish but it is something I will not be able to get in Canada. Hopefully one day they will open a shop in Canada or do something about their website and open online!

I am no longer working which means I am not able to spend a single penny on myself unless it is absolutely essential. I would argue that a new winter coat from COS is essential but my boyfriend would disagree. So, the stupidest thing I could have done today was walk into COS just to take a look. I, of course, wanted everything. I started to sweat and had to leave before my card accidentally paid for a new cotton dress or a pair of leather mittens (so cute!).

I walked out only with the Fall issue of their magazine for some eye candy and it did not disappoint. I love the colours they have chosen this year, marl greys, soft neutrals, deep jewel tones which are accented with a bright orange.

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lovefashion said...

Lovvee the pink coat.

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