Sunday, 7 March 2010

The 10 Corso Como Experience

Shopping at 10 Corso Como in Milan is more like walking around a art gallery. Most things are ridiculously expensive and everything is beautiful.
The top photo if of the perfume aisle of the shop, decorated with the signature Corso Como swirls as flowers. I managed to snap a pic of these super quirky, super expensive Giles Triceratops handbags and these cool cougar accessories.
I also really love the Louis Vuitton city guides, for £35 each you can read of all the trendy places to visit in the next city you visit.

After shopping, you can sit in Corso Como cafe and restaurant and watch all of the well dressed Milanese pass by while sipping an Espresso, or preferably a Campari and soda. You can then visit the amazing bookshop upstairs and the Galleria Carla Sozzani (Carla is the owner of 10 Corso Como and sister of Franca Sozzani the Editor in Chief of Italian Vogue).
This week, there is an exhibition of photographer Tim Walker who regularly shoots for Vogue. The skeleton used in one of his shoots was displayed next to the 2 story staircase up to the gallery which was an amazing visual display in itself. Tim Walker's photos are imaginative, and a bit surreal, like walking into a dream. My favourite photo is of the dress tree lamp.
The lights are from outside the shop making the entire experience beautiful.

photos: all photos taken by me expect for the dress tree lamp found at

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