Sunday, 13 February 2011

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

Friday night I went to Heston Blumenthal's new restaurant in the Mandarin Oriental hotel, appropriately named Dinner.
The food was incredible but what was even more incredible was that Heston was there, sitting right behind us taking to Jonathan Ross for a half hour. I was so self conscious I was paralyzed for a minute until I took the first bite out of my meal and they were forgotten.

My favourite dish was my starter, Meat Fruit. A mandarin look alike made out of a mandarin jelly of some sort with chicken liver parfait inside. It was sublime. The chocolate bar with sea salt and a side of ginger ice cream was good too of course.

The interior of the restaurant was simple and inviting. A glass walled kitchen so you can watch all the action and my favourite feature were the lights made out of vintage jelly moulds!
Sorry there are no photos, I already felt silly taking photos of my food there!

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Michelle @ Roasted said...

I'm so jealous! Just last week I sent a link to Melissa on another blog article on this resto and told her she HAD to go there! I'd much prefer Heston to open up a resto here in Montreal than Gordon Ramsays crazy rotisserie chicken idea!

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