Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Style blogs and their selling power

I have to admit, most of my shopping is fueled from reading other blogs. I will be minding my own business going through my daily blog reads and all of a sudden I find myself in an online checkout because of what I just saw someone wearing or writing about.
The main reason is that I think the way some bloggers (especially Elin Kling from Style by Kling) style themselves is far superior to the way the retailer may style the same piece. (Well Elin is a professional stylist and has and H&M collection out in Sweden right now).

Take a look at the two images above. Which coat would you buy? The coat that Elin is wearing looks cool and casual, whereas I think the coat on the right from looks a bit dumpy. You can buy this Zara coat online for £119 here! ;-) 

This is exactly the reason why so many bloggers get stuff for free! Retailers know that a blog can fuel the need for a product when you see someone wearing or talking about it. It is virtual word of mouth and it clearly works on me.


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