Sunday, 30 January 2011

H&M home-A new way of shopping

I first saw the H&M home collection in Helsinki this past summer. It was opening night and was not open to the public yet. Their home collection has now been launched in London as well and I went to take a look.
The collection is what you expect from H&M, cheap, colourful and fun. The surprise was the way you shop for the items. The items are displayed on walls and floor units but there are no shelves full of product. There are just one or two pieces displayed with a magnet with a photo and price of the product next to it. I was a little confused at why there were magnets next to the product until I found the metal shopping basket and the wall of all the products in magnet form. It is almost like virtual shopping but in a retail space!
I like that they have done something different to the shopping experience, although after you have browsed through the store you inevitably end up standing in front of the wall of magnets and shopping from there.
One of the best items was this cushion cover for £7.99:

last two photos:

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