Sunday, 17 October 2010

Frieze Art Fair

I visited the Freize Art Fair this weekend, it is hosted on the grounds of Regent's Park in grand white tents to allow for natural light to better view the artwork. This fair hosts galleries from all over the world with their best contemporary pieces to lure in those wealthy art collectors.
The place was full of interesting and eccentric people from the artists themselves to the curators, art students, wealthy art collectors and people like me who just went to take a look. Other than the great people watching the art was amazing too.
I noticed there were a lot of artists creating textural pieces by beading, sewing and knitting. There was one very large piece that was simply a panel of knitted wool in mustard yellow. I'm not sure why, but I am a sucker for super modern art like a simple block of colour and I love the warmth of knitted objects so this was a perfect mix of the two for me.

I am no expert when it comes to art but above are some of my favourite pieces from the fair:

The top one is by an Austrian artist named Gabi Trinkaus. She cuts up glossy magazines and collages them into portraits. This piece was made up of what looks like makeup adverts into a final piece that sort of looks like a makeup advert. This is my favourite piece from the fair because to me this shows our obsession with beauty and our need to patch up our imperfections. After reading about the artist she is referencing the aesthetics of advertising and media.

The next one I liked because it is made of string made to look like paint splatters and the third one I like because it is simple and graphic and I like the use of colour. (Sorry, artists unknown)

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