Thursday, 7 October 2010

Cycle Fashion-An Oxymoron?

I was caught in the rain yet again on my cycle into work today, not surprising as it has been rainy in London for three weeks now, grrrr.
I keep getting soaked because I am still desperately trying to find some sort of cycle rain gear that isn't fluorescent yellow and hideous. I know that's harsh, but the more I look for a stylish rain coat suitable for the bike the more frustrated I get and the more determined I get in finding one.

Is cycle fashion an oxymoron? I believe it does exist but I just need to find it!

Yesterdays post on a Japanese based French designer Julien David gave me hope. His inspiration is "an elegant biking girl" from Tokyo. I like how the clothes are sporty more like street wear instead of "I am going to race in the Tour de France" sporty look. I like the short cape for light rain and the bike print is pretty cute too. Hopefully Julien Davids' first collection of this "sportif chic" hits stores somewhere near me.

Speaking of stylish cycling, I was in Milan a couple weeks ago and the Italian woman ride their bikes in high heels and the men ride in suits with perfectly polished shoes. I was impressed by their elegance on a bicycle. What do these people do on a rainy day? Maybe the women only go out on clear days or wear their trench coats to work which I find works well on drizzly days. These women also don't wear helmets, they know that this will give them terrible helmet hair and will not go with their classy outfits. Don't get me started on the bike helmet, I have given up hope on finding a cute one. My grey skate style helmet will save me just fine, just need to sort out the rest.

Bobbin Bicycles in Islington is the best bike shop in London by far, they sell super cute vintage inspired bicycles, great wicker baskets and a couple tweed capes to go with their vintage look.
As London is going through a cycling revolution thanks to the Boris bike hire scheme, we need more shops like this for the frustrated fashionable cyclist.

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