Saturday, 2 October 2010

Blush in Black and White

I have weeks of catwalk shows to catch up on and a pile of magazines to look through, somehow September went by so quickly and soon it will be Christmas! Hopefully I will have looked through everything by then.

The first magazine that took my eye this month is the second edition of The Gentlewoman. It actually caught my first attention because of the luxurious paper it is printed on. There are not many magazines out there that play with the tactile experience of the magazine. With the growing numbers of online magazines, I feel this is a very important part of a printing a magazine.
Other than that, this is a classy magazine that focuses on smart, inspirational and successful woman with an avant garde sense of fashion photography but with clothing that women really want to wear.

The Blush feature in this issue is brilliant. First of all, it is in black and white, we are talking about peachy, bronzy, pink blush here. Doing this feature in B/W focuses on the areas of application contouring the cheeks instead of distracting the reader with the colouring of the blush. The make-up artistry here is beautiful.
I also really like to 70's styling of the model, I can just image her wearing wide leg trousers with clogs sitting on a stool for the photographer.

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