Thursday, 9 September 2010

London's Fashion Night Out-2010...Champagne and Celebrities

Last night's Vogue Fashion Night Out in London was a blast!
Last year I went to check out the free champers in Carnaby street and ended up scoffing down free mini burgers and buying a Garance Dore illustrated t-shirt at the Gap. This year, my friend and I went where the luxury brands are, and it was worth it!
At Kurt Geiger, we walked in and get handed an extremely large glass of champagne and are told everything is 25% off. whoo hoo!
At Bally, we had the pleasure of viewing some Central Saint Martin student winning shoe designs for Bally  while sipping very nice champagne and watching some amazing ladies try on very expensive fur coats.

Then we wander hazily down New Bond Street and see Giorgio Armani standing outside the Emporio Armani shop, guest list only party though so we walk further down to Bruton Street. As we walk into Matthew Williamson's shop, some live drumming starts up as the designer himself enters the room. Good sightings so far!  

We turn around and walk past Stella McCartney's shop and all of a sudden we are thrust aside by some desperate paparazzi to get a shot of  Gwyneth Paltrow walking inside! I tried to get the shot, but was impossible in the madness...the madness:
I did managed to get my hands on the new Chanel nail polish shades while in Selfridges so it was a good night! Any bids on the Khaki Vert?

Imagine, there are 13 cities (only cities that produce a Vogue magazine) all having a fashion party at once, don't you love the sound of that? This event is just going to get bigger and bigger.

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Selina said...

Wow sounds like you had an awesome night!
Do you mean you got ALL the new Chanel shades? So jealous right now!

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