Saturday, 12 September 2009

Worldwide Fashion Night Out

Free Champagne, mini cupcakes, discounts, Hermes scarf tying sessions and photoshoots in Liberty. Free beer, mini cheeseburgers, exclusive t-shirts, and free manicures. This all happened one night when I told my friends that I could show them a good time without spending a dime. Cities all over the world including London, Paris and New York held Vogue's Fashion Night Out to enliven the consumer spirit. Most shops in London were serving free drinks and other goodies to get us a little tipsy to buy things.

The icing on the mini cupcake of the evening was walking into The Gap on Kingly Court and viewing Garance Dore's illustrations drawn larger than life on the walls downstairs along with her photos and an inspiration wall. The Gap let her do three t-shirt designs and they produced only 69 pieces (to coincide with The Gap's new denim line and establishment year 1969), and I was lucky enough to buy the design with the red frames! I was only sad to find out that Garance had left that morning to New York and so I will have to wait to speak to her again.

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Tiina said...

Minna, what a sweet and delicious event, very kerry bradeshaw-esk. Can't wait to see the t-shirt!

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