Friday, 16 April 2010

The Outnet's £1 Sale creates customer fury

7:24am: Email received by the Outnet saying sale in now open. I have just woken up and am on the way to work, don't have time to check yet.
8:45am: Logged in to the Outnet at work to browse items but the page will not load.
9:00am: After several attempts I am browsing the items very very slowly, with many error messages.
9:05am: After browsing the page of sold out items I find an Alexander Wang top still standing and try to click and buy it.
10:00am: Frustrated by reloading the page every 2 seconds for the past hour, I find out this item is actually sold out.
10:01am: Browse more items that look available.
10:20am: Give up, there is nothing left and it is too slow to keep going.
11:59am: Read The Guardian's accounts of the morning "Outnet sale outrage as website crashes". People are not very happy at all.

I love the Outnet and although most items were already sold out by the time I got to it, I would have liked to have been put out of my misery sooner. It was very frustrating to reload the page or get kicked out every couple seconds, not a fun experience at all. This sale was advertised all over the place for months! There was so much excitement around it and I'm sure they knew that millions of people were on their mark and ready to log in today, next time I hope they sort out the server issues!
Too bad, it was such a great idea. Someone actually got a Chloe bag worth £1695 for £1!! Who are you lucky girl?!

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