Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Bike Love

Today is the beginning of a new me. Today I rode my bike to work and it took me half the time than public transportation! It is a little bit daunting riding in the busy streets of central London but I made it and in the end it was exhilarating! The only problem is that everyone wears those hideous bright yellow reflector jackets so that cars can see you a mile away. I was cringing at the thought that I would need to buy one, but then I found these adorable reflectors at Bobbin Bicycles, the coolest bike shop ever! You have to check out their website.

The sailor piece is £72.00 and the sash is £20.00

1 comment:

Alison said...

EE!!!! i just got another bike to add to my now 4 bike collection. but this one sexy like a supermodel and weighs nothing. i'm gonna paint it aqua and my friend katie is making me wooden handlebars and a wooden fender.i really want a cute sachel from Bobbin Bicycles. they are magic... i love bike times! i wish we could go for a ride together. are you coming to canada in july?!

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