Sunday, 11 April 2010

Le Petit Echo de la Mode

Dimanche 27 Mai 1928
Dimanche 9 Aout 1925
Dimanche 23 Septembre 1923

Dimanche 18 Janvier 1925

I was walking through Camden Passage yesterday (an adorable back passage near my flat which transforms into an antique market on Thursdays and Saturdays) and I found these vintage French weekly fashion newspapers from the 1920's. It took me almost an hour to decide on these four from different seasons and years. I love that you can see the clear difference with the hemlines, in winter (issued 1923) the hemline is ankle length and then in spring (issued 1928) the hemline is above the knee.
This newspaper was founded in 1880, you can see their transformation throughout the years on their website here.

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