Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Live fashion show streaming-part 2

I am back on the subject of streaming live fashion shows as fashion critic/journalist Hilary Alexander for the Telegraph wrote an article about the phenomenom of this new way of communication.
As I thought, watching a live fashion show IS the future.

Hilary wrote:
"They (two popular young bloggers) are about to be eclipsed by something that's bigger than both of them--the virtual front-row seat at the instant digital fashion show"

The proof? LFW is live streaming most of the fashion shows this week on their website here. If you want to see Burberry live, it is playing in 10 minutes! I am hooked. Much better than a couple of grainy mobile pics twittered from the shows or having to wait a day for style.com.

What do you think?

EDIT 23.02.10: OH Yes, and Burberry was the first label to show their fashion show in 3-D! I was wondering who would be the first to do it. Now we all just need to get those glasses so we all have a front row seat!

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