Friday, 26 February 2010

D&G does Apres Ski

Milan Fashion Week started with a packed day yesterday. D&G did a sexy Apres Ski look and I have to tell you that this look is a guilty pleasure of mine. Maybe it is because I am Canadian or my Scandinavian roots but I just love the cozy Apres Ski look. I love snuggling up with a pair of wool leggings and knitted socks with a knitted moose emblem sweater and sipping hot chocolate in front of a fire while it is snowing outside...Apres Ski of course.

I have my eye on the Canada sweater from Vancouver's Aritzia for the Winter Olympics. It gives a bit of this feeling, all it is missing is a moose or a anowflake knitted into it!
Speaking of ski lodges, I went to the roof top pop up bar Alpine Lodge at The East Room in Shoreditch for a Canadian get together. You had to take off your boots and replace them with wooly socks and the place was decked out with fur pillows, fur stools and rugs. It had one of those 70's scenery wallpapered walls of a snowcapped mountain, wood floors, a fireplace and freshly brewed mulled wine. They even placed fake snow outside! It was an amazing atmosphere, I would recommend if you don't want to hit the slopes and just want the ski lodge.

photos:, aritzia, The East Room

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