Thursday, 3 March 2011

GRAZE-Snacks delivered to your desk!

I was walking through my office and saw a whole group of girls eating snacks out of cute cardboard boxes at their desk. I am a sucker for cute packaging and I found out that these snacks were actually delivered to the office!

From these snack boxes are tailored to your tastes and sent to your office in time for tea. You choose your day and you choose your likes from a list of mixed nuts, seeds, dried fruits and even olives and a box is put together for you. Oooh, and some of the nut mixes include little naughty chocolates too!

I really like the idea that instead of reaching for the biscuit tin I will now reach into my graze box and take out something healthy each day. They even provide you with the nutritional information of each section of your personalized box.

In my box above from top left to right:
mayan mocha, americas nut mix, wasapea, little figgy went to the market.


Pati said...

love this!

Tiina said...

so cute, I like it!

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