Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Maison Martin Margiela 20: The Exhibition

I finally managed to get together with a friend and go see the Maison Martin Margiela Exhibition held at The Somerset house. Personally, I think this is one of the best exhibitions I have seen at the Somerset house.
My 3 favourite things:
1. The screening room: A room with the walls filled with a collection of various sized television screens or projections showing images of past shows, lookbooks and personal clients modelling their Margiela wardrobes. Sitting in the white sheet covered chairs, all I needed was a gin and tonic and I could have sat there forever.
2. The flat series video: A demonstration on how the pieces that are designed to lay flat are worn. There is a lot of DIY potential in this video and you don't need the flat items to do it.
One clip showed a girl wearing a bodysuit over jeans and putting over it a white shirt and tucking in the bottom of the shirt up into the bottom of the bodysuit. Sounds wierd but it looked great!
Another clip showed a girl wearing a set of suspenders/braces but the straps met in the middle of the jeans at the button. Here she also put on a white shirt and tucked the front around the suspenders for some more ruching. I don't know if you can picture this? I wish I had this video to show you.
3. The trench coats: see photo. I want them all.
4. Oh wait, there is a fourth reason. The hair attached to the headband to create long bangs/fringe. I really want one in a normal length fringe just for one day as I am too nervous to cut!


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Tiina said...

That's sounds so cool...the screen/projection room. I really can't picture the bodysuit-over-jeans-with-white-shirt-tucked-into-bodysuit but I wish i could see it! Maybe i'll just have to try it at home...I have a trench i should give you because it is so perfect but i never wear it. I glue-gunned the bottom into the lining to make a shorter 'balloon' type trench..but i still don't wear it i should undo that...since it's not really sticking...and send it to you!

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