Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Summer Stripes!

I know it's a little early to think of summer when I am still knitting winter snoods but I just can't get enough striped tees!  It seems like I have been accidentally collecting stripes all year desperately hunting for the perfect one. Then I walked into Zara, it seems they can't get enough of stripes either, the entire new collection is full of striped cotton dresses, blazers, tees with chains on the shoulders, red stripes, blue get it.
Looks like all I had to do was wait a year to find them.

Update!  My friend came into work today wearing a $29 Zara striped top with shoulder pads and dripping chains. What a great trend item to get all the looks in one for cheap!

updated: 29.01.10

1 comment:

Tiina said...

Oh I must purchase a a striped cotton dress from ZARA! I hope they have them in Canada...

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